We are a high end digital solutions team helping businesses to achieve their technological objectives.

With more than 12 years of high end software development experience and created by world-class developers, Propulsoft launches in 2018 in Montreal to boost Canada with the best of digital solutions development.

Designed to offer the most meaningful collaboration to your project, Propulsoft Hybrid Approach offers onsite entrepreneurship and project accompaniment combined with co-located remote teams for high performance software development.

Propulsoft offers to all companies with a need of IT Talent and efficient alternative to solve the lack of high quality human resources.

Our Co-located remote teams

Putting great brains together has always brought the most amazing solutions. We believe that the effort of a team of two overcomes the isolated effort of three. So we decided to clusterize our talent in co-located sites with the best technological environment.


Responsive Systems

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic”

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