Clear Destination

Founded by Christian Lafrance in 2006, the idea for Clear Destination began with something most of us can relate to: a late home delivery. Slated for 11 am, his item didn’t arrive until 4:30 pm, forcing Lafrance to cancel an important business meeting that afternoon. “I decided that nobody else should have to wait at home all day for deliveries,” he recalls. mFrom their Montreal office, Clear Destination developed software that combines mathematical algorithms and GPS technology to automatically pre-plan the home delivery process. Focusing specifically on large items, like appliances and furniture, Clear Destination has saved clients both time and money, thanks to home delivery solutions that are predictable, transparent and easily managed. Since its beginnings, Clear Destination’s staff has more than tripled in size, and its territory has expanded from Quebec, stretching across all of North America and Mexico. The company continues to grow, with plans to make Clear Destination solutions available on an international scale.

Home Delivery for Large Items
Each ClearD solution is designed to optimize your two-person home delivery system for large items, while facilitating communications between delivery workers, operations teams and customer service. ClearD gives you real-time view and control over your deliveries. Implementation is a breeze and easily adapts to any changes.

Whether you’re a vendor that owns its transportation fleet, a 2PL, a 3PL or a 4PL, ClearD solutions let you track your carrier service in real-time. Find out where your fleet is, what it’s doing, and automate the most cost-effective and time-saving routes.

Increase online sales by guaranteeing convenient deliveries. ClearD solutions send your depot all the information it needs to deliver the large items to your customer’s home within a narrow time frame of their choice. Track each step of the delivery process, and keep your customer service team informed of any new developments as they occur. You can easily fine-tune any details to your ClearD solution to better suit your customers’ changing needs.

When a retailer sells your large items, ClearD solutions automatically set off home delivery commands in your system, letting you manage the entire delivery service, whether you own your fleet or hire a carrier. Coordinate the routes, drivers and time frames, while ensuring customer satisfaction.

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